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July 3-14, 2002

Bob Diaz | SpearBlog 2002 | February 07, 2010 | Print

Winds: See report below
Seas: See report below
Surf Temp: +/- 85F
Viz: See report below
Well, our vacation was a little less than cooperative this year. Both mechanically, and meteorlogically. The weather started out fantastic. July 3-7 (the weekend), was actually extremely favorable. Winds 5-10, Seas 1-3, Viz was in the 20-50 foot range, depending on the particular location, but overall, very favorable. Unfortunately, Sunday had to come... It started to rain on Sunday night, winds picked up. The weather would clear up in the late afternoons,  but usually too late to make productive dives, until Wednesday. Although, it was a moot point, cause the boat  broke down on Sunday, and we couldn't get it fixed until Wednesday mid-day. The rest of the week was absolutely beautiful. Crystal clear waters (Viz +50 ft), sunny skies, and mild winds (5-15 variable).