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July 14-15, 2007

July 16, 2007
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 One good thing about Saturday's dive (at least for me) was that I was able to land a very nice size black grouper. She was in a hole that most people would pass on by, due to the fact that it appears to be very small from the outside. But the inside has been opened up by some of our goliath friends and that has made it very hospitable for some blacks as well. We had some friends with us that have only recently started to dive and spearfish regularly and they were actually puzzled by the fact that I went directly to that smallish looking hole and almost immediately took the shot. But once that black came out of the hole, they understood. She did tear off, but luckily ran into a very nearby ledge and with the help of my friend's gun, I was able to take a second shot and land her without too much more incident.

Sunday was another story altogether, we decided to take a morning dive before heading back to civilization when we found that the majority of our spots to the south of our location were almost completely without visibility. Usually, we get variations of 2 colors of water around here, blue and green. Today we had a shade of green that was so dark, it almost looked black. There could not have been more that 3-4 feet of visibility. The worst part was that not only were our shallow (relatively) reefs suffering from this lack of visibility, but we found more of  the same when we headed out into depths of 70-100 feet as well.

We were able to catch a few mangroves and even a grouper, but it took a little bit more time and dedication that on other occasions.