• Foreword 2017 - Plan for tomorrow, live for today...

    It's not often that my blogs deviate from my favorite hobby, but my thoughts lately have been with friends and family that have been dealing with loss of one kind or another during the holiday season. This holiday season in particular seems to have been especially laden with loss for many that I care about. A few years ago, I lost my dad close to the holidays so I feel like I can relate to my friends and loved ones that lose people close to their hearts during the time of year when pretty much everyone else is celebrating. It's hard to celebrate life and new possibilities with the coming of a new year when the life of a cherished loved one is slipping away and all you want is for every good remaining moment to last a lifetime, if only in your memory.


  • March 8, 2014 - My long awaited debut / Foreword 2014


    Wind Seas Viz Temp
    NNE 10-15mph 2-3' falling to 1-2' 20-25' 80F


    Another year begins without an early opportunity for a foreword... As I get older (and grumpier) it seems like I get to do what I want less and less. That's not to say that what I do (soccer tournaments, band competitions, college days, work - ugh, etc) is less important or even that I would change it if I could (not all the time anyway), but these landlocked activities and responsbilities definitely encroach on the time that I used to be able to take advantage of for my pastimes. Once again it's been way too long since my last dive (not to mention my last blog) and so it's with much anticipation that I began a new dive year and take the opportunity to kickstart this blog year.


  • Foreword 2012

    Well it's hard to believe but another year is in the books. 2011 definitely passed in the blink of an eye. I guess it's true what they say... time does go by faster as you get older. I think it's yet another application of Einstein's theory of relativity. I believe that it goes by faster as you get older because the amount of time that passes is shorter relative to your age. When you were 10, a year was 1/10th of your life. At 50, it's a mere 1/50th so relatively speaking it's a hell of a lot shorter time span so it seems to go by faster for us as we age. I think back to something  my Dad told me on my 32nd birthday, "Today you're half my age. From here on in, you get closer!".


  • Foreword 2011

    Once again, another year has gone by altogether too quickly. Unfortunately for me, I didn't get an opportunity to dive in December before the grouper closure on January 1. The winds picked up the week before Christmas and didn't let up (actually haven't let up) so December came and went and January showed up without my being able to bag that last grouper of the winter. I guess I'm just going to have to wait until May 1st to land that next big one! I only hope that I am able to dive a little later this winter and get to see the benefits of this second annual closure even if I don't get to take any of them home with me.


  • Foreword 2010

    Well, another year has come and gone. Some changes have been implemented for us spearfishermen this year, not the least of which is the closing of all shallow water grouper from Jan 19, 2010 through April 30, 2010.

    If you want to read more about the reasons behind the closing, check out this article. In future years, the closing is scheduled to begin Jan 1 (instead of 19th like this year). The closing includes pretty much every grouper species with the only exceptions being the Snowy, Warsaw and Speckled Hind. In addition to this,


  • Winter Diving Blogs (Foreword 2009)

    Unfortunately, I have gotten a late start on the winter diving this year. I had two earlier opportunities to go diving this winter, but both were undermined by work responsibilities. What can I say, it pays the bills. Finally this past weekend (2/15/09), I was able to get out on a decent weather day to do some diving and (I thought) some spearfishing. Unfortunately we didn't have much luck this day (as evidenced by the total lack of pictures for this trip's catch. The day started out great with mild west winds around 10mph and flat seas out of Port Everglades well into the blue water. We ended up around 6-7 miles offshore in beautiful blue water. The problem was, that was all there was... water. No birds, no flotsam or jetsam nothing that even remotely looked like it could hold fish.


  • Winter Diving Blogs (Foreword 2008)

    I am very excited to have another year of spearfishing and freediving just about ready to begin. Last year we were able to get a couple of winter dives in with some pretty decent results, so we hope to do even more of that this winter. As soon as the weather permits, we will be donning our wetsuits and jumping in for some fun getting back into shape for the summer ahead.