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Foreword 2012

Bob Diaz | SpearBlog 2012 | January 12, 2012 | Print

Well it's hard to believe but another year is in the books. 2011 definitely passed in the blink of an eye. I guess it's true what they say... time does go by faster as you get older. I think it's yet another application of Einstein's theory of relativity. I believe that it goes by faster as you get older because the amount of time that passes is shorter relative to your age. When you were 10, a year was 1/10th of your life. At 50, it's a mere 1/50th so relatively speaking it's a hell of a lot shorter time span so it seems to go by faster for us as we age. I think back to something  my Dad told me on my 32nd birthday, "Today you're half my age. From here on in, you get closer!".


Yeah, it could be all that or it could just be the fact that we're all trying to cram in as much as we can get done on a daily basis and there never seems to be enough time (at least I know there's never enough for me). But when you were 10, you could have given a crap about what you got done today or tomorrow (or for that matter, why time seems to go by faster as you get older). I think the 10 year olds have it right...

This brings to a conclusion the philosophical portion of our programming. We hope you'll join us again for the next episode of "The Time and Space Continuum for Dummies". :P

While I'm sure 2012 will go by even faster than 2011, I'm hoping this year brings a lot more opportunities. Opportunities for simple things like filling coolers with fish while having fun with friends and family. Opportunities for more esoteric things like growth, improvement and adventure.  But most of all I hope it brings many opportunities to use my new GoPro camera to chronicle my dives and share here on my site. Maybe I should register spearfishermanHD.com...

Unfortunately, I still have a couple of carry-over goals from last year (related to spearfishing and freediving) but I am still hopeful that I will be able to achieve them soon. I might even add the goal of producing my own webcast show (as opposed to the simply soundtracked video vignettes I create now) so I can get discovered and combine two of the things I love to do most in the world for a living - spearfish and work with computers. Hell, even if I don't get discovered, at least I still get to do those things anyway!

I'm hoping to get out in February to scout some new spots in the Miami area to see if I can find some good Hogfish and Mutton spots (since Grouper is closed) or maybe even get out for some more bluewater action. I've been hearing some good reports about Sailfish and Mahi offshore this winter and hopefully they will hold up until I have a chance to get out there and slay 'em (the Mahi of course). One thing's for sure though, whatever happens this year, the good, the bad and the ugly will all be painstakingly etched into these digital stone tablets that make up my website. Good luck to all of us and may all our dives be safe (and long).