goliath grouper

  • July 4-12, 2014 - Great weather, gnarly Bullsharks and greedy Goliaths

    Wind Seas Viz Temp
    5-10 SSE 1-3' 25-55' 85F

    Many times I get asked the question, "How many fish have you lost to sharks?" and I always find it interesting how people that don't dive or spearfish frequently automatically associate what we do with sharks and attacks and how they typically believe that these are some kind of single threat. The truth is that although I have been buzzed by sharks and even surrrounded by sharks, historically, I have lost countless fish to barracuda while losses to sharks had always remained a distant second place (with none, thankfully). However, this past week sharks were surpassed by another denizen of the deep that many (not typically spearfishermen) overlook as a true threat to divers and spearfishermen with their…