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September 2008 - New Euro 120

Bob Diaz | SpearViews | January 30, 2010 | Print
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I finally bit the bullet and decided to sell my No-Ka-Oi. It had gotten next to no use in the time I had owned it and it seemed a shame to have it just sit there so I Ebay'd it. With the funds from that sale, I invested in a gun that is a little more multi-purpose (at least that is how I convinced myself to get it :). I was extremely torn among 3 choices. I was considering the Euro 120, 120x and 130. After a couple of weeks of deliberation and a lot of flip-flopping, I decided on the Euro 120. Although I was extremely tempted to get the 130 and the price difference really wasn't a big factor, I decided I would be much more likely to use the 120.

I went for the 120 vs the 120x because from what I could see, the 120x stock is the exact same stock as the 130, with the trigger housing in a different position so it can hold a longer shaft and have more sling stretch. The stock for the 120x and 130 is also quite a bit blockier and heavier than the 120 (and shorter Euro's), so I felt the handling of the 120 would be nicer too. When all was said and done, I figured if I really wanted the 130 one day, I would just splurge and get it.

Now I need to get a new reel for my new gun... :)