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May 11-12, 2007

Bob Diaz | SpearBlog 2007 | May 12, 2007 | Print

Winds: 5-10 south
Seas: less than 1 foot
Surf Temp: 78F
Viz: 25 feet
As far as the above water weather, it would have been hard to do much better than this weekend. The winds were next to non-existent and we experienced seas of less than a foot up to 7 miles out and could see it was flat as far as the eye could see. It definitely made for a quick trip out to any of our spots offshore. The only real issue was the haze from the brush fires in the Everglades that made the entire sky look like we were in the middle of a nuclear winter. The other very odd occurrence was the fact that the tides were acting like we had a full moon (no, there was no full moon). The slack didn't last long and when it switched, it switched hard!


Unfortunately, the other downside we experienced was that our spots in the viz range of depth, were not too full of life. So we ended up moving a little closer to land and hitting some of our spots in a little less water. And while we were able to find life there, we definitely had to work for it. The current was boiling except for that 15 minute lull during slack, which really wasn't enough to catch our breath.

All in all, we ended up having a good day, albeit a little tired at the end. The groupers seem to be happy in shallower water for now (at least until the water warms up past 80F), and the snappers are right where they should be when they aren't spawning. Lots of good structure and good size holes have proven to be our best ally as usual.

The other inhabitant that also seems to be right where we left them last summer is the Goliaths. Although we haven't run into the behemoths from last summer yet, we are finding them inhabiting most of our good grouper holes.