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August 4-8, 2007

Bob Diaz | SpearBlog 2007 | August 08, 2007 | Print

Sat 8/4
SE 10-15
Seas: 2-4 ft
Surf Temp: 81 F
Viz: 20-30 ft
We headed out this morning after missing the early morning low tide to see if we could find some mangoes at the reef. At first sight, it didn't really seem to be too rough, but first impressions are sometimes wrong (really wrong). The water was choppy and extremely sloppy. We hadn't even made it into Hawk's channel and the water was already throwing 3-4 waves at us. We rough it and continue on. We got to our first spot to find a fairly good number of mangoes in the area. We also found some decent size fish as well.

We might have been able to limit out at this one spot, but we decided to move on in hopes that we would find some larger fish. As we headed slightly further offshore, we got into some blue water in about 40 feet of water and started following the tideline west until we ended up in about 35 feet of water. We jumped in to find some exceptional clarity considering the slightly heavy seas. We kept moving around shooting onesie-twosies until we got to our limit. The interesting thing was actually at our last spot.

When looking out and around you, the viz was probably 60-70 feet. But when looking down, you could see a clear division between the clean blue water and the silty green water below. It was interesting to move from 60-70 feet of viz at the top down to 6-7 feet of viz a mere 15-20 feet below you.