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March 2009 - Euro 120 Reel

Bob Diaz | SpearViews | January 30, 2010 | Print

It didn't take me long to finish rigging up the 120 with a new reel and 2.2mm dyneema line. Unfortunately as of now (Apr 2009), I haven't had an opportunity to get into the blue water to put this new toy through its paces. I am definitely jones'ing to give it a try! I am also working on making my own flashers for use in blue water. I have been watching these being used on a few spearfishing shows and their reasoning seems sound for their success. They didn't seem too hard to make, so I decided to make my own so I can customize it any way I want without worrying about ruining something I've purchased (it's usually easier to sacrifice work than money). This summer (2009), I am setting a goal of shooting a wahoo for myself. I only hope I get to be the first of my friends that gets to do this (seeing as how I am the only one that has set this goal for himself). Only time will tell...