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May 7, 2010 - And so it begins... (or not)

Bob Diaz | SpearBlog 2010 | May 11, 2010 | Print

Well, this past weekend was supposed to signal in the start of my Summer with beautiful skies, calm winds, light seas and clean water. But as you should already have surmised from the lack of weather conditions at the top of this article (don't worry, I recorded them at the bottom), it didn't. I mean, I did get to take the day off from work and take a nice leisurely drive down to the keys with everything in tow. Unfortunately, that's where the fun started and ended. As I'm driving down and pass the Big Chill in Largo, I notice how calm Blackwater Sound is. As I pass Cheeca Lodge I notice how the flag at their entrance is simply draped around the pole. That's when I realize how absolutely wonderful this day and weekend would be for diving... but not for me.

The skies were absolutely cloudless and blue. The winds were almost immeasurably non-existent. As I drive over the Channel 5 bridge and later Long Key bridge, there is calm clean water as far as the eye can see, and all this makes me very upset. Let me explain... You see, I wouldn't get the chance to appreciate this wonderful weekend weather (the first decent weekend in about 6 weeks) because today I only have time to cart everything down and set it up before heading back home this evening. So there would be no joy in Mudville today.

Of course being the philanthropist that I am ;), I proceed to do something that will at least console me for a while as well as help me kill some time during the drive. I call all my diving friends as I'm driving down and remind them of "how much they suck" because they couldn't be there when I needed them. At first they're all jealous about how I'm off from work, but I very quickly point out how wrong they are... sure, I was off work and could have gone diving. That's what made it so much worse. I was going to be there and not be able to do anything about it. Yeah, I know I was being petty. So what? It made me feel better at least for a little while :).

The good news is, I had no real problems heading down there or setting up so at least I was able to accomplish everything we needed to start taking advantage of my diving summers at my next opportunity. If this weekend was any kind of sign of things to come, hopefully I will get to make up for this lost weekend altogether. See you in the water soon!

Seas: Light Chop
Winds: ESE 5mph
Temp: (how would I know, I didn't get to dive - not that I'm bitter)
Viz: 30-35 feet (according to my slacker dive buddies that abandoned me)