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May 23, 2012 - Always a bridesmaid...

Bob Diaz | SpearBlog 2012 | May 23, 2012 | Print
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It's hard to believe that I haven't had an opportunity to jump in the water since my last blog on Dec 30th of last year. That's right, so long ago that I can actually refer to it as "last year". That's because you're allowed to refer to past events as happening "last week", "a few weeks ago", "a month ago", and even "a few months ago", but when your're 5 months removed from something, it's time to give up the ghost and call it what it is... "last year." Which makes you realize that this year is almost half gone and you're still dry and all your slings are starting to dry rot.

 The worst part is that for now, there's technically no end in sight. Familial responsibilities, trips, work, kids' sports (not to mention working on the boat) and before you know it you're fondly remembering that last time you jumped in the water and shot a measly 5 fish because it's the best diving memory you've got to hold on to.  I would never have guessed then that it would be almost 5 months later and the best I can muster is a griping session about not having anything to blog about on my site.

After that last dive, I figured I would dedicate some time to addressing all those things that needed addressing on the boat before I got back in the water (HA!). So 6 or 7 weekends of polishing, wiring, maintaining, repairing, replacing and installing and I figure I'm good to go. Hey, I've put in the time and paid my dues, I'll surely be using the boat soon since it's been "so long" since I dove... I thought way back then. But things only seemed to get more complicated and weekend after weekend went by with nary a fish on the cleaning table.

By that time I'm thinking "No problem", I'll surely get to go shooting once grouper opens on the first of May (Double HA!). Grouper opening comes and goes and the only thing I've been wet with is sweat from work. What a gyp! It really sucks to have to work to support my spearfishing habit. The only encouraging thing has been that it's been one of the windiest springs I can ever recall and over the past few weeks without a doubt, the stormiest (at least in Miami). So the few times I might have been able to go were probably no good. At least that's what told myself to get through those stormy nights. Hey, they must have been stormy and there must be a leak somewhere over my bed because when I woke up my pillow was wet (cause spearfishermen don't cry).

So here I am... lo all those months later, landlocked. Usually I look forward to and am only too happy to share my experiences diving and spearfishing (and maybe gloating a little too) here with all of you, but today I'll just have to be satisfied with this half-hearted, cathartic co-miserating therapy session and hope that I'm not alone in my misery. Hurricane season has started, the Summer solstice has come and gone and I only hope I haven't forgotten how to swim by the time I get in the water next. My slogan is as it always has been "A bad day spearfishing is better than a good day at work" but right here, right now, damned if I can remember how much better...